General Information

The Thompson Okanagan Disc Golf Tour aims to bring a competitive and fully PDGA sanctioned disc golf season to the interior of BC.

For a points system we will be borrowing from the Disc Golf World Tour, specifically the WTC points.  That can be found here.  Players will earn points from their top three finishes of the five events, so if you can't make all of the events or just have a bad day of golf you need not worry.  Part of the entrance fee from every competitor in all divisions will go towards year end payouts for overall tour points winners. The top three points finishers in every division will be rewarded with a year end payout. The pool for the year end payout will accumulate per event, with 10$ for all Advanced and Open divisions and 5$ for all others contributing to the pools for their respective divisions.  

There will also be a 5$ tournament fee per player which will be used to cover all costs of the events ; permits, insurance and sanctioning fees , materials for the event etc.  This fee will be waived for Junior and Recreational divisions.  

We will be using Disc Golf Scene for all registration needs for all events on the tour.  Prizes for Amateur divisions will be handled by Ace Runners either on location at the tournament or via online gift cards to be emailed to players after the conclusion of the event.  

Refunds and Cancelations

Refunds for cancelations will be offered up until the close of registration.  You will receive a refund for your entrance fee if you withdraw in this time (minus up to a $10 handling fee). 

Players MUST email or phone their withdrawals to the Tournament Director only at the contact information posted for the tournament. Discussions with persons other than the Tournament Director, including other tournament staff, shall not be considered official.  Players who do NOT officially request to withdraw from a registered spot playing in the event prior to the published closure of registration and waitlist replacements and don’t play (aka a no-show), forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or player’s pack.

PDGA Rules

If you are not familiar with the rules of disc golf at a sanctioned event as determined by the PDGA please familiarize yourself by reading them prior to the event. They can be found on the PDGA website.  One very important change to consider this season is the change to all junior divisions and players under 13 years of age regardless of which division they play in : 

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities for Junior Players during Tournaments

    1    Parents/guardians must be responsible for their children during PDGA sanctioned events. Event staff are not responsible for the children of tournament players, spectators, etc. during events. Parents/guardians may not leave unaccompanied children at or near the scoring area, clubhouse, or other tournament venue.

    2    Players in the MJ3, FJ3, MJ4, FJ4, MJ5, FJ5, MJ6, and FJ6 divisions MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian during tournament rounds. Additionally, any player younger than 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian regardless of the division they play.

    3    A single parent or guardian may be responsible for multiple junior players in the same group if agreed upon by all of the parents/guardians prior to the start of the round and is communicated to the Tournament Director. Players in the MJ1, FJ1, MJ2, and FJ2 divisions may be accompanied by a parent or guardian during tournament rounds.

    4    During PDGA sanctioned tournament rounds, parents/guardians accompanying junior division players:

    •    MAY assume the roles of a caddie; assist junior players with disc selection, throw selection, rule interpretations, or score keeping.

    •    MAY NOT make or second rulings such as foot faults, courtesy violations, etc.