Update on a few things.

Hey everyone, sorry for the absence and tardiness of this post, life has been busy, both golf and non golf related.

First off, the standings have been updated to include The Summer Solstice and as always can be found here.

Registration for The Copper Ridge Classic at Logan Lake on the 27th closes on July 23 at 8:00pm PST. A reminder , that the tournament is also your opportunity to earn early registration to the 2019 BC Provincials . If you cash (ie; are in the top 40% of your division) you will be rewarded with a chance to register early for the tournament. Provincials is at the beautiful Raptors Knoll on September 28/29 and it will definitely fill up , so come to Logan Lake and earn your spot.

Also , make sure you stick around and play the Doomsday on Sunday and make a weekend out of it !

Lastly the 5th and final TODG event of the season is in Kamloops at the new McArthur Island Disc Golf Course. The KDGC has been working to have this course be a reality for years. Many people have been playing it for a little while now , but we have yet to host a tournament there. On August 17th the Ultra Glide will be hosted there. It will be a one day two round flex start. This means that you and at least two friends can start your first round anytime after 830am and start your second round no later than 4pm , the rest is up to you. This tournament is going to be a blast with people on the course all day. Do yourself a favour, find two or more friends and come out and play. If you don’t have anyone to play with, don’t worry, there will be people to join up with. Register here .

That’s all for now, see you soon!