The 2019 Season for the TODG has come to a close.

First off, I would like to thank everyone that came out and played in one of my events this year. It’s a learning process and watching it grow with the addition of every new player has been amazing. I hope to step up the quality of all of the events next year to even higher standards and better payouts and prizes etc. It is a lot of hard work but I know that there are people that will rise to the challenge to do their part to grow this tour and make it the best in BC.

I would like to congratulate the division winners for the 2019 season.

MPO , Duncan Schulz

MP40, Wes Eccleston

MA1, Kyle Delong

MA2, Jonny Munke

MA3, Chai Ellis

MA40, Dennis Greffard

MA50, Tim Quakenbush

FPO, Carrie Neal

FA1, Christine Wright

FA2, Sam Hodge

FA3, Kerry Stevens

FA40, Paula Despins

All of the cash payouts for the end of the year have been sent out to payers via PayPal. Also all of the amateur prizes for TODG 5: The Ultraglide have been emailed out. If you have not seen these check your inbox / junk folders and if you don’t think you received them let me know.

Thank you once again to everyone that came out this year and I hope to see you all along with many new people in 2020.

Division points standings for the year post Logan Lake and Ultra Glide.

Quick one here. I’ve updated the division standings for the year after the Logan Lake event. Remember that it’s best 3 of 5 finishes. There are some tight battles for 1/2/3 in some divisions which is pretty exciting. The spreadsheet should be up to date for everyone to view, but if it’s not let me know.

Speaking of best 3 of 5 , make sure you get out to the last event in Kamloops. It will be at the amazing new McArthur Island course and it will be a one day two round flex start C tier. You must play in a group of three or more. You can start your first round as early as 830am and you MUST start your second round by 4pm. Awards and prizes will be at roughly 6pm. I think it’s going to be a really fun day so make sure you register. As always that can be found on the site under the dates and registration page.

Small update

I apologize , but it came to my attention that the link I posted last week for the updated standings was not working properly. It should be fixed now and they can be seen here . That should work now, it was working on my end, but not for the general public, once again, apologies.

Also, I have decided to extend registration until this coming Friday, the 26th at noon.

Update on a few things.

Hey everyone, sorry for the absence and tardiness of this post, life has been busy, both golf and non golf related.

First off, the standings have been updated to include The Summer Solstice and as always can be found here.

Registration for The Copper Ridge Classic at Logan Lake on the 27th closes on July 23 at 8:00pm PST. A reminder , that the tournament is also your opportunity to earn early registration to the 2019 BC Provincials . If you cash (ie; are in the top 40% of your division) you will be rewarded with a chance to register early for the tournament. Provincials is at the beautiful Raptors Knoll on September 28/29 and it will definitely fill up , so come to Logan Lake and earn your spot.

Also , make sure you stick around and play the Doomsday on Sunday and make a weekend out of it !

Lastly the 5th and final TODG event of the season is in Kamloops at the new McArthur Island Disc Golf Course. The KDGC has been working to have this course be a reality for years. Many people have been playing it for a little while now , but we have yet to host a tournament there. On August 17th the Ultra Glide will be hosted there. It will be a one day two round flex start. This means that you and at least two friends can start your first round anytime after 830am and start your second round no later than 4pm , the rest is up to you. This tournament is going to be a blast with people on the course all day. Do yourself a favour, find two or more friends and come out and play. If you don’t have anyone to play with, don’t worry, there will be people to join up with. Register here .

That’s all for now, see you soon!

Leading in to Clearwater , the TODG Standings after two events.

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update on this , disc golf life has been a little hectic (and distracting) lately with Mac Island going in the ground. Side note if you haven’t played it yet , you should. 4x World Champ Paige Pierce will be there on Saturday the 15th at 930am for some doubles actually!

I digress, here are the standings leading in to event three, The Summer Solstice at the beautiful Wells Gray Golf Course and Resort. Remember that it is the best 3 of 5 finishes for points to win a bit of end of season cash etc.

Thanks , we’ll see you in Clearwater soon!

Points standings can be found here.


A huge thank you to everyone that came out and competed in Penticton earlier this month. You can find the results here for the tournament.

A quick shoutout to all the winners.

MPO Brendon Dejong / MP40 Chad Smoliak / MA1 Nick Perryman / FA1 Christin Wright / MA40 Ben Yastremski / MA50 Tim Quakenbush / MA2 Johnathan Munke / FA2 Sam Hodge / FA3 Kerry Stevens

Also a big shoutout to Sam Hodge and Shawn Black for their aces, well done.

2019 Tour Dates

So here we are in 2019 and it’s time to start planning your disc golf travels and tournaments to attend.  There are two additions this year that i’m very excited about.

First off we will be adding Penticton and a stop at the 3 Blind Mice course to the tour to kick things off for 2019.  Over the years the Penticton club has put a lot of work in to this course and I’m sure it will only continue to do so.  I am definitely happy to be adding Penticton this year.

We will also be adding the Ogopogo Open to the TODG series.  This will still be the tournament you’ve come to love and the TD will still be the ever awesome Paul Brownfield, it’s just this year it will count towards TODG series points. 

Details to follow on both of these events and others as well.

I am including some notable Alberta and Kootenay tournaments for you to consider as well.  I believe we have done a pretty job of spreading out not only tournaments by especially the two day events.  As well as those dates the Doomsday Series is listed here.  As many of you know Dennis Greffard and his better half Christine have taken over the Doomsday series for 2019.  Some big and great changes should be expected here and I thank Dennis for all of his upcoming hard work growing the sport of disc golf from the ground up in the BC Interior.  Dennis is also the TD behind the Summer Solstice tournament in beautiful Wells Gray.

TODG 1 ‘3 Blind Mice’, Penticton April 13

Doomsday, Penticton Apr 14 

TODG 2 ‘Rose Hill’, Kamloops May 11

Alberta Open May 19/20

Wycliffe May 25

Doomsday, Naked Acres June 2

Big Bear, Canmore June 8/9

TODG 3 ‘Summer Solstice’, Clearwater June 22/23

BC Open, July 5/7

Fernie , July 6

TODG 4 ‘The Copper Ridge Classic’, Logan Lake July 27

Doomsday, Logan Lake July 28 

Lost Egg, Aug 3/4

TODG 5 ‘The Ultra Glide 4’, Kamloops Aug 3/4

Doomsday, Clearwater Aug 25

Falcons Flight, Sundae Aug 31/1

Wycliffe Event, Cranbrook Sept 7/8

Doomsday, Kelowna  Sept 8

AB provincials Sept 21/22

Doomsday, Falkland Sept 22

Doomsday, Kamloops Oct 6

Quick recap from last season

Hey everyone , first off a much needed post that should have been done quite some time ago.  Sometimes life gets in the way and things get tossed aside.  Nonetheless , a quick recap on last year.  

The first year of the TODG Tour Series saw 149 competitors across the five evens of the first season. The top finishers in each division for the year, taking home extra cash and prizes were as follows;


1st - Duncan Schulz

2nd - Sean Lefebvre

3rd - Mitch McMann


1st - Wes Eccleston

2nd - Chad Smoliak

3rd - Ross Brown


1st - Ed Fogarty

2nd - Rudy Falconer


1st - Sarah Hokom

2nd - Carrie Neal

3rd - Oie Petrichuk


1st - Chance Stad

2nd - Brendon DeJong

3rd - Kyle Dejong


1st - John Gould - Thorpe

2nd - Evan Calderoni

3rd - Dennis Greffard


1st - Scott McKinnon

2nd - George Harvey

3rd - Jim Illingworth


1st - Curtis Dejong

2nd - Carver Whitford

3rd - Rob Eichendorf


1st - Christine Wright

2nd - Paula Despins

3rd - Kimberley McMann


Tie - Kat Stevens / Kim McMann

The last event of the inaugural season is upon us at Rose Hill.

Hey everyone, couple of things here.  First off I've updated the divisional standings page prior to the last even in Rose Hill.  Looking over the numbers I feel like there's opportunity for some surprises.  Remember that it's your best three of five finishes so some of you will see your lowest finish has been removed.  If you want to check those out the document is linked here .

The Tour Dates and Registration page has also been updated with links to the Disc Golf Scene page for the 5th event as well as the PDGA Event page.  

I hope to see many of you again at Rose Hill on September 1st as well as at the Ogopogo Open this coming weekend in Kelowna.  Registration for that tournament can be found here .

Points Standings After Second Event

A big thank you to everyone that came out to Logan Lake this past weekend.  It was a beautiful day on a fantastic course.  Now that we have two events in the books it's time for a points update for tour standings.  Remember that a portion of the reg fee for every division goes to year end standings.  Larger divisions will pay the top three finishers and smaller divisions the first place finisher.  To see where you sit in your division check out the standings here .  Your best finish in 3 of the 5 events will be used to determine where you finish.

Thanks again, and we'll see everyone in Clearwater in less than month at the fantastic Wells Gray course for the Summer Solstice  tournament.  There are currently 10 spots left so if you haven't registered do so NOW!

Registration for Events #2 and #3

Just a reminder that registration for the second event in Logan Lake is open until May 19th.  Remember that to qualify for year end points standings for payouts you need at least three events , and the more the better.  And that the following day in Logan Lake there is a Doomsday to play too!

And registration for the third event at the absolutely beautiful Wells Gray course is now open as well.  That is one not to be missed.  

Links for all of that can be found on the Tour Dates and Registration Links page.

PDGA Canada TODG sponsorship

PDGA Canada has very graciously come on board to sponsor the inaugural season of the TODG Tour.  They will be giving away five PDGA memberships to amateur players who have not had a PDGA membership in the past.  We are not sure exactly how these will be given out, but the hope is that the turnout at the first event will be large enough that we can award all five to players at the event.  So come out and play well and hopefully you can finish the day with a membership to the PDGA.  The Thompson Okanagan Disc Golf Tour would like to thank the  PDGA for this generous sponsorship, and especially for all of the work they do to grow and support disc golf in Canada and all over the world.  

TODG #1 Registration

We are very excited to announce that registration for the first Thompson Okanagan Disc Golf Tour event will open on March 13th at 8pm on Disc Golf Scene.   

This will be the first in a series of five PDGA tournaments taking place in four Interior cities this summer.  Also on the same weekend as the first TODG tournament in Kamloops, the day before is the 7th event in the Duck Golf Series; registration for that tournament can be found here.  If you are from out of town then perhaps make a weekend out of it and get out to both events. 

Be sure to click on the Tour Details page for a further break down of the series, and the Tour Dates page for information on individual events and where and when to register for them. 

See you on the course.